• Lodestar DX UTI

    The Lodestar DX UTI testing system is designed for use in human and veterinary settings where professional users need fast, accurate results to aid clinical decision making.
  • Phosphate Buffered Saline

    Phosphate Buffered Saline is a buffer solution commonly used in biological research
  • Bank Manager

    Our leading edge Blood Transfusion Laboratory Information Management System
  • Molecular Biology

    Distributors of Inno-Train Molecular Biology Equipment

Our Services

Lodestar DX UTI

A rapid, affordable and portable molecular point-of-care testing system for multiple UTI pathogens. The Lodestar DX analyser takes accurate, low cost molecular testing out of the laboratory and into near-patient settings.

Phosphate Buffered Saline

Manufacturing bulk liquid solutions for professional laboratory use for direct sale and OEM label. The water used for our manufacturing processes is carbon filtered and softened prior to purification by high throughput reverse osmosis, it is then de-ionised and ultra-filtered to remove bacteria and viruses before being UV treated to ensure quality.

Bank Manager

We provide a full sales and support function for Bank Manager our leading edge Blood Transfusion Laboratory Information Management System. Bank Manager is in use at a number of UK NHS Hospital Transfusion Laboratories and is highly recommended by its users.

Molecular Biology

We are exclusive UK distributors for Inno-Train Diagnostik GMBH products