Lodestar UTI

A rapid, affordable and portable molecular point-of-care testing system for multiple UTI pathogens. The Lodestar DX analyser takes accurate, low cost molecular testing out of the laboratory and into near-patient settings.

UK Conformity Assessed (UK CA)
Tests for multiple bacterial pathogens simultaneously from one urine sample
Portable – can be taken anywhere
No maintenance or calibration required
Rapid – sample-to-result in less than 40 minutes
Accurate – 97.8% sensitivity and 90.8% specificity for E.coli, 84.5% overall sensitivity and 83.9% overall specificity
Easy to use – no extraction step required, sample preparation less than five minutes
Make evidence-based treatment decisions, improve antibiotic stewardship and reduce the impact of AMR
Approved for use in the UK

Lodestar DX

UTI Testing Device

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