Bank Manager - Transfusion LIMS

Bank Manager is an “Expert System” designed through consultancy and many years’ experience with UK Transfusionists to specifically address the needs of the UK Transfusion community. It is the first stand-alone hospital blood transfusion multi-site system utilising web technology system running over the hospital network.
Bank Manager can easily be fully integrated with other Pathology systems, patient administration systems (PAS), electronic patient records (EPR), and external organisations such as GP surgeries or the National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT).
Because of its web technology, Bank Manager can be accessed by anyone with the appropriate authority, from anywhere using any modern browser or device. This allows the software to make full use of browser features, user familiarity and gives the options of touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse operation.

Key Features


  • Single Instance (Hub and spoke design)
    • Collaboration and resource sharing between sites
    • Centralised Management and overview of multiple sites
  • Individual Configurations
    • Each site can run individually with its own configuration and workflows whist remaining part of a multisite system
    • Individual E-ISSUE configurations per site
  • Individual Rules
    • Each site can have different requirements for the issuing of products, Bank manager allows for these rules to be separated per site.


  • Bank Manager allows for multiple authentication sources to be used such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP, across multiple sites, reducing the need for additional user management
  • Local accounts can be used for users not covered by external authentications sources
  • A comprehensive set of permissions that can be applied to groups of users across multiple sites.
  • Over 300 individual permissions for fine grained control over a users access to data.
  • Full user tracking of data viewed and actions taken


  • 38 Individual Request Rules
  • Customisable Rules set for control of request, allocation and issuing of products to a patient
  • Customisable configuration of Blood Group compatibility tables for:
    • Red Cells
    • Platelets
    • Plasma
    • Cryoprecipitates
  • Separate Blood Group compatibilities for BMT Patients


  • Each record has its own audit log and records all changes and actions against that record
  • Each Audit displays the user, the location and the date and time the action was performed
  • All actions performed by an interface is recorded against the affected record
  • All audits are printable


  • Bank Manager is capable of interfacing to the majority of third party software and services this includes:
    • PAS (Patient Administration System)
    • EDN (Electronic Delivery Note)
    • Analysers
    • Tracking Solutions
    • Backup Solutions


  • Bank Manager is capable of interfacing to the majority of third party software and services this includes:
  • Instant MHRA and SABRE snapshot reports
  • Prebuilt Statistical reports for resource management
  • Report Builder for custom reports
  • On page reports for Patient, Sample and Request records
  • Fully exportable reports to either PDF or Excel


  • Register Product on allocate for special order products
  • Low Stock and No Stock warnings
  • In-house Irradiation with automatic expiry adjustment
  • Thawing of frozen products with expiry adjustment
  • Quarantine of units to prevent potentially unsafe product issue
  • All product types can be reserved as Flying squad
  • Batch Products
    • Per unit batch products
    • Automatic Barcoding of batch products
    • Allows for entry of supplier unique barcodes

Patient Record

  • Fully customisable Patient ID configuration supporting multiple id’s per patient, regular expression validation and ID limits (e.g Hospital Number, NHS Number, A&E Number)
  • Bank Manager is capable of storing historical information (Blood Group, Antibodies, Transfused Products) about a patient without the need for a complete sample history.
  • Separate Fields for Sex and Gender
  • System flags to control the issuing of Components for a patient (e.g CMV NEG, NO E-ISSUE)
  • Custom Flags to flag specific patient information
  • Automatic flagging based on a sample diagnosis
  • Linking of Partners, Progeny, Parents
  • Merging and unmerging of alias records
  • Maternal to Neo-natal linking with maternal blood group and antibody recognition

Sample Record

  • Notification of Existing valid samples on sample registration, reducing the need for unnecessary testing
  • Sample Expiry is dynamically calculated based patient record and existing patient samples
  • Sample Verification reduces the risk of patient mismatching
  • Forced Conflict resolutions to prevent issue of unsafe products
  • Custom Test and Test Profile configurations including Group, Screen, DAT, Document upload and Text entry tests.
  • Send Away Testing
  • Fully filterable Assay list
  • Create Antigen Neg Requirements on detection of an Antibody
  • Prevent Electronic Issue on Particular antibody class detection
  • Remove Antibody requirement on successive negative antibody detection
  • Support for transient antibodies

Request Record

  • Multiple Product types per Request
  • Issue products individually or as a batch
  • Crossmatch product incompatibility rejection
  • 38 Individual Request Rules
    • Customisable Rules set for control of request, allocation and issuing of products to a patient
    • Emergency Rule set for bypass of routine requests
    • Separate Rules sets per site
  • Component and Product Label check process
  • Fully filterable worklist

Blood Tracking

  • Dedicated Blood Transport tracking
  • Check In and Check Out recording and time in transport
  • Automated Quarantine for units when maximum transport time has been reached
  • Full Integration with third-party Vein to Vein Blood tracking systems

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